Boots Multivitamins with Iron 30 Tablets


Boots Multivitamins with Iron 30 Tablets

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Product Description

Product details: Multivitamin & Iron Food Supplement, 30 Tablets

What does it do?

Specially formulated with a blend of 12 essential vitamins & Iron to support your overall health & wellbeing. This formula also includes added Iron to reduce tiredness & fatigue plus B12 to support a healthy immune system and normal energy release. All vitamin levels meet 100% NRV to ensure you are getting a daily top-up to complement a balanced diet.

Free from Artificial Flavors & Preservatives, Lactose-Free.

Suitable for Vegetarians, Adults & Children Above age 12.

How to use:

  • Take 1 tablet a day with plenty of liquid.
  • Don’t exceed the daily dose. logo


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