Boots A-Z 50+ 30 Tablets


Boots A-Z 50+ 30 Tablets

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Tailored for 50+ with 22 vitamins & minerals for your daily health & wellbeing

Specially tailored for those aged 50+, this formula offers a blend of 22 essential vitamins & minerals tailored to support your overall health & wellbeing. This formula includes Vitamin C & B12 to support a healthy immune system, Vitamin A to support healthy vision, Iron to reduce tiredness & fatigue, and Zinc to support healthy cognitive function. Plus our formula includes Lutein to top up an important naturally occurring carotenoid that is found in high abundance in the macula of the eyes; the part of the eye attributed to central vision.

Free from Artificial Colors. Flavors & Preservatives, Lactose-Free.

Suitable for vegetarians, adults & children above aged 12 years.

How to use: Take one tablet a day with plenty of liquid. Don’t exceed the stated dose. logo


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